The Design Process

Farrago has an in-house designer with over 23 years’ experience in electrical, building, design and drafting. In that time, Damian has designed countless commercial and residential properties such as large homes, retail stores, hospitality stores and office spaces (including our own office!) So, what is an interior designer? Often confused with an interior decorator, interior designers create interior

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Reshaping an island paradise – Hayman Island by InterContinental

It’s with great excitement to finally announce what the team at Farrago have been working hard to achieve since November 2018. Working with Woollam’s Constructions and Hayman Island InterContinental, Farrago completed refurbishments to the island paradise following the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Debbie 2 years ago. The 166-room resort has received a multimillion-dollar restoration including the refurbishment

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